About Us | Mac-Warehouse

Industry leader

Mac-Warehouse is the industry leader for quality refurbished and pre-owned Apple products. We were recently recognized by Inc. 500 as the #55 fastest-growing company in the whole US.

Our story

Brett Kitson and James Roth were working for a company specializing in refurbished Microsoft computers when they realized there was a huge demand for refurbished Apple products. The two quickly started developing a company that refines the Apple refurbishment processes while growing a team of highly skilled Apple certified technicians to produce top-of-the-line refurbished Apple products for their customers.

Raising the bar

“I believe that our biggest accomplishment to date is our Certified Preloved™ refurbishing process,” Brett said. “We are constantly raising the bar on the quality of the products we produce. We want customers to have an amazing experience when buying and using our Certified Preloved™ Apple products. We want the experience to be as good as when customers buy new Apple products.”

Quality and commitment

We sell the highest quality refurbished Apple products you can buy at the most affordable price. We’re a company run by highly-skilled individuals who are committed and enthusiastic about making Mac-Warehouse a success, yet who ensure hard-work is accompanied by hard-play and camaraderie.