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Your Guide to Food Apps in Salt Lake City

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How many times have you been searching for a new restaurant in town only to give up, stay home and order food instead? If you’re like me, the answer is probably often.

Salt Lake City has been growing tremendously over the past few years and what better way to get reacquainted with your city than learning about the new food stops you need to make? Here at Mac Warehouse, we’re always looking for the best of technology to help make life a little bit easier! This week, we’re showing you how to use your iPhone or iOS device to help make these tough decisions like most important, what’s for dinner?


I’d be shocked if you told me you had never heard of Yelp. It’s popularity for customer reviews has given it mainstream attention for businesses and consumers, alike. Above the feedback, it’s probably the most informative & easily manageable app when it comes to finding new restaurants.

Check the format below:


-Maps will automatically pull up your current location to give you food options nearby.

-You can scroll around the map, click ‘Redo Search in This Area’ or put a different city in the search bar to find restaurants for other locations.

-Once you click on a specific place, you can access things like operating hours, addresses, menus, phone numbers, etc. You’re even able to call and make a reservation directly from the app.

-If you scroll down on a restaurant main page, you’ll see a pic gallery and customer reviews, submitted by other Yelp consumers. This is probably my #1 go-to indicator when I’m deciding if a place looks solid, or not even worth it.

GrubHub (or Seamless)

GrubHub and Seamless completed their merge in 2013, still operating as separate apps but from within the same service. If you’re feeling extra lazy, GrubHub is always the answer. It gives you the option to order, either for pickup or delivery, within the app. The app employs drivers who travel to the restaurant and deliver your food directly to you. With that being said, consider your distance from the restaurant, as it may take longer for your food to arrive. My only critique is that options are limited on GrubHub, although it appears new restaurants are continually added.

Here’s the format:


-Start by adding your home address and restaurants in your surrounding area will pop up as soon as you open the app.

-The more info tab isn’t as detailed as Yelp’s, but it gives you operating hours, locations, phone numbers & customer reviews.

-Photos are uploaded by the restaurants, and not every page has them.


Zomato acquired Urbanspoon in early 2015. Hands down, this is my favorite food app and the one I will tell you to download after reading this! The only thing you can’t do, is order directly from within the app, but you can do pretty much get all the other information you need.


-Top rated restaurants in your area show up over lower rated restaurants, so you don’t have to sift through the negative reviews.

-There are many different categories to choose from, so finding restaurants is much more manageable than some of the other apps.

-Reviews are on restaurant pages, and each restaurant is given a rating which you can see before visiting their page.

-Restaurant pages have information like operating hours, addresses, phone numbers, price indicators and menus. Almost every restaurant has pictures, which is an obvious legit factor.


EatStreet focuses on smaller cities & college towns, so Salt Lake City is one city that it caters to. The layout is pretty standard and reminds me of a not-so-aesthetically pleasing version of GrubHub, but you can still order from the comfort of your own home. My takeaway with EatStreet, save yourself time and download one of the apps mentioned above, instead.


-Lazy Format & hard to maneuver.

-Each restaurant page does have info like operating hours and addresses. Reviews for restaurants are from Yelp – so don't prepare for new info.

-No pictures! Not worth it!

I hope this gives you insight on how to utilize your smartphone or tablets when it comes to searching for your perfect next meal. You can expect an update – as I am sure, these apps will continue to grow!

Let us know your favorite app to use out of these listed above, or one we may have not mentioned! Happy eating!

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