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Carpenter working in his workshop in with Mac Woman working on a MacBook Pro Athlete takes a break on his Mac Man Netflixing on his Mac in his cabin

Day-to-day productivity tasks, communications, Netflixing, etc.

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So, you're a busy mom, or a dad trying to juggle work and home at the same time, or just a media lover who enjoys binge-watching, responding to emails, and updating your social networks, to name a few. If you need a simple device for completing routine tasks, here are a few options:


“I'm a mother of three, and I need a computer that's portable, light, and easy for me to use as I busy myself in and out of errands. The MacBook Air is my laptop of choice, because it is everything I want, and more. It makes multi-tasking at home, and even when I'm at my son's soccer practice, so manageable.” —Maria Gonzalez, homemaker

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