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Mac-Warehouse is the premier reseller and refurbisher of Certified Preloved™ Apple products. Shop with us and save 30%–50% on Apple computers, iPads, Beats products, and more.

Current Top Deals

Buy Certified Preloved™ Apple products at hot prices today!

Apple MacBook Air Laptops with Core i5 $399

The Apple MacBook Air now starts at $349.99

Core i5

Certified Preloved™

Have you tried using Apple's MacBook Air? If you have, you know this is your guy when it comes to day-to-day productivity. And if not, you need to give this amazing laptop a try, especially when our price is so low. From your business to the classroom, the Apple MacBook Air is the perfect machine to run your daily communications and more!

Apple MacBook Pro Laptops with Core i5 $599

The Apple MacBook Pro now starts at $949.99

Core i5, Retina Display

Certified Preloved™

Attention, folks! We've added yet another top deal to our sale! Our Apple MacBook Pro laptops now starts at only $949.99. So, before you do anything, visit our store and take advantage of the deal today!


500 West 8360 S,
Sandy, Utah 84070
Ph: 801-989-5833
We're open Monday–Friday 10am–6pm;
Saturday 10 am–2 pm

MC015 Apple iMac All in One Desktop Computers $249 with a FREE Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Apple iMac All-in-One Desktop starting at $899.99

27 inch, FREE wireless keyboard and mouse

Certified Preloved™

Is this for real? An iMac for less than $900? Yes, this is real, and we're absolutely serious about our sale. The iMac is Apple's top-selling desktop, and we know you'll love it. With such a low price, you got to buy it today!

Gen 2 16 Apple iPads Starting at $99

Apple iPad Mini starting at $119

16 GB

Certified Preloved™

If you're looking to buy a wonderful gift for your loved ones, look no further. We are offering our Apple iPads multi-purpose tablet starting at $119. That's right, our prices are so low, you must visit us at our store to check out all of our sales.

Save 30%–50% on all Apple products

Here at our Sandy, Utah, store, we pride ourselves in exceptional service and our amazing prices on all Certified Preloved™ Apple products, and more.

Apple Computers and Laptops

We sell a wide range of Certified Preloved™ Apple products, from desktop computers to laptops, tablets, phones, and more, at exceptional prices!

Beats Headsets

Apart from Apple computers, we also sell Certified Preloved™ Beats headsets for a fraction of their retail prices. Our Beats headsets come in like-new condition, and have proven to be one of our top sellers.

Apple Products, Certified Preloved

Accessories and Apple Watches

Our deals also include Certified Preloved™ Apple Watches and Apple accessories, such as lightning cables, external hard drives, earphones, and more.

Service and Repair

One of our most popular features is our service and repair center. Our repair center not only offer Apple repair services, we also provide upgrade services. Our technicians are Apple certified, and work hard to get your Apple computers to work again.

Certified Preloved

Certified Preloved™

Certified Preloved™ products are pre-owed Apple products that have undergone our thorough refurbishing process, and have been certified as "pre-loved." Every device is extensively tested to ensure the product you receive is perfect.

Mac-Warehouse 1 Year Exctended Warranty

One-Year Extended Warranty

Each Certified Preloved™ Apple products purchased at our flagship store comes with a free one-year extended warranty. This is simply how we show you our appreciation for shopping with us. 

Mac-Warehouse Service and Repair

Apple Repair and Service

Apart from selling Certified Preloved™ Apple products, we also repair, service, and upgrade Apple computers. If you're looking to upgrade or repair your Apple computers, look no further; simply bring them to our store and let us do the rest.

Yup, you read it right—we can make your Apple computer running faster and more efficient than before by upgrading its hard drive to the new solid state drive (SSD). Call us or visit our store for a free consultation. Or simply bring in your computer, and let us make it better. 

Call us at today at (801) 989-5833 to schedule an appointment.

Mac-Warehouse SSD Upgrade Service

"Mac lovers dream store. Very knowledgeable sales team. I will be buying from them again without a doubt." —Dick Davies, Ogden, Utah, Facebook reviewer

Mac-Warehouse Store - Sandy Utah

A Little About Our Store

We are Mac-Warehouse's flagship store, located in the heart of Sandy, one of Utah's fastest blooming cities.

Who We Are

Mac-Warehouse refurbishes preowned Apple Computers and other products. Our trademarked Certified Preloved™ process takes extra steps during quality control, cosmetic refinishing, packaging, warranty and customer service to provide our customers with the same type of experience they would enjoy when buying a new Apple product. We call this condition Certified PreLoved™. Please reach out to us if you have questions about our products.

Why Shop at Our Store

Our flagship store provides our cutomers with a wide array of Certified Preloved™ Apple products and accessories to explore. Oftentimes, our customers want to know which Apple computer is the best fit for them, and we're here to help. On top of giving you the best price for Ceritified Preloved Apple products, we're also here to answer any questions regarding Apple products and technology, including basic troubleshooting, etc. Our technicians are all Apple Certified. Perhaps our cream of the crop is our FREE one-year extended warranty—all Certified Preloved™ Apple products we sell at our store come with it! Now, ain't that brilliant? 

Send Us a Message

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Questions? Write us below.

500 West 8360 S,
Sandy, UT 84070
Hours: Mon–Fri, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.; Sat 10 a.m.–2 p.m.
Phone: (801) 989-5833


"When Apple told me my laptop was unfixable, I took it to Mac-Warehouse, since my parents had such a great experience there. I'm so glad I did; it was an easy fix, and the repair was even rushed for me since I was in the middle of Finals Week at the time. They cleaned and checked everything for me, and said I have a good five years left on my 2010 model—yay! They do upgrades as well, which is awesome because Apple absolutely does not! I will buy all of my Macs here from now on!"

—Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, Facebook Five Star Review  

Mac warehouse is a great idea for getting Macs in the hands of consumers who don't want to pay full ticket price. We purchased an iPad from them at a great price... it was a great experience and purchase for us... been several months now. Also, the service manager treated us great over a small point of confusion we had. I was very happy with my experience at the Mac-Warehouse in Sandy!

Very happy I found this place! I've been shopping around for awhile and they have the best prices for refurbished Apple products. The warranties are a great price, as well: at least 1/2 of anywhere I've seen.

This fairly new store is so helpful, knowledgeable and very competitive pricing! Dropped off a laptop to be repaired, they had it done in a couple of hours. This is the first Apple store that I have ever had this kind of service! Excellent!!!

Imagine going to an Apple Store and everything is 60% off . . . or just go [sic] to Mac-Warehouse. I've bought several refurbished Macbooks and other products from there, and I've been very happy with their advice and service.

These guys rule. I've purchased my last 3 Macs from them, including a Macbook Pro, iMac for my mother-in-law, and iMac for my son. They know their stuff and are always very helpful. I recommend them to everyone.

Head of Tech Dept himself helped me choose the Pre-Owned iMac that met our needs. The team installed Sierra in an hour (no extra cost) and I purchased it online with a lowered cost because I did not need the keyboard or mouse. The desktop arrived today. We love it! Thanks, we will be back!


500 W. 8360 S.,
Sandy, UT 84070
Hours: Mon–Fri, 10 a.m.–6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.–2 p.m.
Phone: (801) 989-5833


Email: cs@mac-warehouse.com